A History of Siccness

Siccness Records is a group of rappers based out of Brownsville, Texas which was formed around 1999. The original founding members were Double G, Sniper, Fatal, and Polar. They kicked if off extremely underground, recording on cassette tapes and selling burned cds. Their first actual live performance with hundreds in attendance took place at their local high school talent show in 2000 at Porter High School in Brownsville, TX. Double G and Fatal performed the song "Off the Hinges." It was aired over the local tv station and as a result, they became widely known around the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). Appearances that followed include the cities of Brownsville, Mc Allen, Mission, Pharr, Harlingen, Houston and other places.

Porter High School talent show 2000 -Fatal & Double G South Padre Island, TX 2004 Convention Center, Brownsville, TX 2004 Lil Chill, Young Poet, & Double G 2010

Siccness Records is the actual record label but because of how different it sounded to everybody in the RGV back in 2000, that's how they were identified. The name of the actual group is called Siccness Mafia which includes the newest members. Siccness Mafia is an expansion of its original group "The Sicc Gaming Clikk" that includes all the original founding members.

Siccness Records Sale Booth at 77 Flea Market

Siccness Records booth at 77 Flea Market in Brownsville, TX. You can also buy Siccness music off the streets, some local shops, events, and of course on-line.